Warming Up September 29 2016

A recent study published on Runner’s World online says that moving before running or walking, instead of going directly from sitting to exercising, can increase your endurance from the get-go. Moving warms up your muscles, opens up your joints and starts your blood pumping!

Here a few easy moves to get you ready and raring to go:

Reach for the Stars: Stand straight, with your legs shoulder-width apart, and reach your hands above your hand. Clasp your hands and lift slightly out of your comfort zone. Hold the stretch for 3 seconds and lower. You will feel this stretch in your spine and shoulders.

Side Step: It’s as easy as it sounds – stand straight with your feet facing forward and knees slightly bent. Then step side-to-side for 1 minute to work on your side range of motion.

Calf Raise: Either standing in place or leaning on a wall, tree or rail for support, lift one leg back slightly and, with your other leg, get on your tip-toe. Hold that position for two seconds and then put both heels back on the ground. Repeat on the other leg, doing 5 times each side.

Forward March: Stand straight and start marching – high knees, great posture and powerful arms, as if you were headlining the Rose Bowl Parade.