Active Activities April 28 2016

My mom diagnosed me with “ants in my pants” from a very young age.  I think it’s hereditary because, whether she thinks so or not, she ‘suffers’ from the same syndrome.

Growing up, we were an active family – walking a few miles around a nearby lake most Sunday afternoons; opting to walk the four miles round trip to the Mall rather than drive; playing lawn darts in the yard; even racing around the house to do chores.  That movement builds momentum and becomes exercise.

Here are a few ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine:

Household Chores: My mom and I used to play board games – whoever lost had to do jobs around the house.  According to the site @SharecareFitness – a 150 lb person can burn the following with these household chores:

  • Sweeping and Vacuuming burns an average of 37 calories in 10 minutes
  • Ironing burns an average of 50 calories in 20 minutes
  • Mopping the floor burns an average of 42 calories in 20 minutes
  • Making the bed and Washing Dishes burns an average of 24 calories in 10 minutes 

Yard Work: Mowing the lawn, raking leaves and shoveling snow are great sources of both cardio and strength training – the latter is especially true in the snowy northeast!  And gardening – the action of bending while weeding, digging and planting – tones your arms, shoulders, quads and calves. 

Active Video Games: To say I love the video game “Dance Dance Revolution” is an understatement, and I have been known to challenge, and lose to, a kid or two in my time.  Video games – like the Nintendo Wii bowling or golf - that rely on your physical movement to actually move your player can be a great calorie burn on a weary-weather day. 

Dancing: From age 4 through my senior year in college, I took dance classes - from ballet and tap, to ballroom and salsa.  Dancing, in a class or in the kitchen, is a great way to keep fit while learning form and having fun!