Running In A Kilt

“Why run in a kilt?” you ask.  We answer, “Why not?!” 

If you are a runner or walker looking to stand out among the crowd… an ultra or trail runner looking for running wear that stands up to long miles and rugged conditions… or an obstacle / mud racer looking for racing gear to dress like the warrior that you are… then kilts are for you!

Here's why:

Kilts are COOL!  While running shorts, tights and pants have personality, nothing has quite the character of a kilt.  Funky, fun and fashionable, plaid has been popular for centuries with royalty to rock stars, and now runners, who wish to be distinct in a sea of thousands.  

Kilts are FREEING!  What does a man wear under his kilt?  Anything he wants!  While our Women's Kilts have sewn-in shorts, our Men's version allows for freedom... of choice.

Kilts are UNIFYING!  Tartans have connected Scottish and Celtic clans since the 1500s.  Today, they strengthen the bonds of teams, uniting them in a common color and pattern.  

And (Our) Kilts are FUNCTIONAL!  Not only do our kilts look great and feel great, they hold stuff too!  A large zippered pocket along the outside of the back waistband in our Men's version, and three secure pockets in our Women's version, allows you to carry anything from your ID and credit cards to a large smart phone in a secure, safe place!   And, unlike traditional kilts that are made of heavy wool, ours are made from lightweight, ecofriendly fabric (recycled plastic bottles and Spandex) that keep them flexible, breathable AND washable!

So, why not give a kilt a try?