Mall Walking November 28 2016

The Centers for Disease Control published a guide on Mall Walking.  Why?   Because walking at a moderate and/or brisk pace is a great way to meet the U.S. national guidelines of two hours and 30 minutes of exercise per week.  Here’s why they recommend doing some or all of that walking in a mall.

Mall Walk the Talk:

Why Walk:  Walking is an excellent way to get and stay active!  Walking lowers your risk of a myriad of medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, as well as breast and colon cancers.  It also improves your sleep, your mood and your outlook! 
Why Walk in a Mall:  Winter weather can be unkind to say the least, but a Mall is free from the outdoor elements.  Rain, snow or extreme wind, a Mall is kept at a temperate temperature all day, every day.  It is also well-lit, free from motor vehicle traffic (less the Segway I saw scooting by the other day) and has restrooms, water fountains and benches at the ready. 
What to Wear: With a walking regimen, you want to make sure you have proper footwear.  Well-soled, sturdy running shoes are the key to keep the muscles from your shoulders down to your toes aligned and feeling fine.  For clothing, choose layers that you can easily remove and carry should you get warm while walking, and items with pockets so you can carry identification, cash, cards and keys – anything you need while driving to and from your location. 
When to Walk:  The Burlington Mall, in my hometown, opens early for Mall Walkers.  The stores are not open for shopping, so the walkways are clear for, well, walking!  If you need to walk while the stores are open, be kind to your fellow visitors and do not impede traffic. 
Bonus Miles: Get in extra steps by parking farther from the mall entrances and, according to my mall-walking mom, you earn an extra free truffle from the Lindt candy store!