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JWalking Women's Active / Running Skirt

Carla Birnberg (January 2016) "I loved the [skirt's] comfort.  I adored how the wide waistband did not dig into my sides.  I also looooved the pockets... The Child's definite favorite part of the skirt (outside of the color and the plaid) was the inclusion of the undershorts...  My husband loved the [kilt's] fit... Fun, comfy and the ability to match his daughter?  He was practically sold before putting it on!" 

JWalking Women's Active / Running Skirt

RunOregon (January 2016) "I have found my new favorite running skirt.  For real. ... The thick waistband provided a little extra "support" for what I'm proudly going to call my "mom belly". ... The band provides extra reassurance that no matter my miles, I know the skirt isn't budging anywhere."

JWalking Little Black Active Skirt

RebatesZone (December 2015) "Have you ever wished for a skirt that would be equally good for going to the market and to be used in the gym? If you have, then your wish has come true. This one features a cool design, with sewn-in shorts, which can be paired with leggings in the winter. Furthermore, it has three pockets, one zippered, one open, and a Velcro secured one. They will keep all your cash, keys, phone, and other personal belongings safe. It is an innovative product which will soon become a go to skirt in any wardrobe."

JWalking Hiking Skirt

TrailSpace (August 2015) "This is a really comfortable, well-built walking, hiking, and backpacking skirt/kilt for MEN and women. As I wear this more around home, in my home-office, and while working outside on the ranch, I am appreciating this skirt more and more.

JWalking Women's Running Kilt (August 2015) "These skirts have a sewn in short and a wider waistband for an excellent fit. It has 3 pockets with zipper and Velcro closings so I don’t have worry about where to put my keys or cash. When I got home I popped it into the washing machine and it washed up beautifully!

JWalking Women's Running Skirt

Running Slowly With Kids (July 2015) "The wide waistband holds in the smush left over from my babies. There are 3 pockets, one on the back and one on each side. The longer length of the skirt keeps me covered but still feels flattering ... It really is a fabulous little skirt that you can wear ANYWHERE to do ANYTHING. The gym. The playground with the kids. The supermarket. The school drop off line. The options are pretty much limitless."

JWalking Men's Running Kilt

Joshua Writes Here (June 2015) "...the kilt looked awesome, the waist was very comfortable, and overall it fit like it was tailor-made for me specifically. ... The material moved perfectly with my body and fell naturally in a way that provided cover while not interfering with my comfort in any way whatsoever. A smile crept upon my face immediately and stayed for the duration of the run."

JWalking Women's 3-Pocket Active Skirt

Will Run for Ice Cream (June 2015)  "I liked the material and the feel. It didn't bunch or feel any different than my other 'regular' running gear. I liked the longer shorts underneath... And I like the concept of it being something that you can wear before, during and after a run." 




JWalking Men's Running Kilt

XMarks the Scot (May 2015) "It provides absolutely no restriction to my legs.  I have the Sport Kilt Hiker and it's apron drags enough to notice on my thighs, but not this one.  Maybe finally a knee length purpose built running kilt that won't weigh down with sweat."

JWalking Women's 3-Pocket Running Skirt

My Mama Journey (May 2015)  "It is the most figure flattering running skirt I own. I  don’t even know where to start because I loved the skirt from the moment I opened the cute lime green sack that came with the skirt. The presentation for this product – outstanding!  Not to mention that the skirt length (as well as the attached shorts) was perfect – I am not personally fan of short skirts, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable once wearing this skirt.  Usually when I run, I have issues with the shorts riding up, but not with this skirt!"

JWalking Men's Running Kilt Customer Review (March 2015) "As a sports kilter wearer, this product is amazing. Its made out of lightweight, breathable material making it seem like I'm wearing nothing at all. Great for walking, hiking and running. My favorite function is using this as a post race parking lot changing station. After a long run when I'm covered in sweat, the JWalking kilt easily slips over my wet running shorts so I can change into clean, dry clothes. Also great for cooling off after a workout." 

JWalking Men's Running Kilt (November 2014)  "I tested out the kilt on my home  obstacle course. I found the kilt comfortable whether jumping, climbing, or  even  crawling ... based on the material and the design I believe it would  perform well without getting soggy or weighing you down in the mud and water of an obstacle course." 

JWalking Men's Button-Down Running Shirt and Running Kilt (July 2014)  "One of the great things about the shirt is that it can be buttoned and unbuttoned at will. This was a real eye-opener for us as it truly opens the door to better running,     offering a much greater advantage to heat regulation than with just a normal t-shirt. ... Their fabric is made from 84% recycled fabric and 16% spandex.  We got the skirts dirty, wet, rubbed them over rocks, and more. They seemed to hold up quite well and everything came back from a washing looking good as new."



JWalking Women's 3-Pocket Active/Running Skirt Customer Review (March 2014)  "The wide waistband keeps it from rolling and the pockets are convenient for keys or a phone. It's on the longer side which means no crotch ride up!  ... I never figured myself as a skirt person, especially during my workouts, but I've totally changed my mind."

JWalking Women's 3-Pocket Active/Running Skirt (January 2014)  "I love running skirts for my ultra marathons to add a bit of a feminine edge to a really hardcore race and this is a light enough skirt to do so, and I could still totally have all the snacks I needed in the pockets."