Happy Holidays Challenge

Tis the season...

In the midst of the holiday rush, too often we fall farther and farther down our own "take care of" lists.  This December, let's make taking time for ourselves a priority.  Welcome to our third annual "Happy Holidays Challenge"!

I challenge each and every one of us - myself included - to do one thing each day that makes us happy.  For me, that ranges from taking the time to listen to my nieces laugh (nothing beats a child's giggle) and laughing uncontrollably myself, to losing myself in a good run and singing loudly (and off-key) in my car.  The latter, for the record, doesn't usually make my car passengers happy :)

Happiness is truly subjective, so I'd love for you to share what makes YOU smile.  Post your daily amusing musings on our Happy Holidays blog and through clicking on our social media links below: #HappyHolidaysChallenge

Happy Holidays!


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