About Us

Our Mission: To make earth-friendly, fit, functional and fashionable active apparel for women and men on-the-go.

"JWalking Designs...  How'd you come up with the name?"

That's a question asked often, and the answer is surprisingly simple.  Paraphrased, the definition of JayWalking is to go against the grain and forge your own path.  That's what we here at JWalking Designs aim to do - to create functional fitness fashions that stand apart from the rest.

It didn't happen overnight.

As a veteran television producer and novice athlete, I decided to train for my first marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's endurance group, Team in Training, in the hopes of finding and funding a cure for the cancer my friend was bravely battling.  While training for what become multiple 26.2 mile adventures, my new-found friends and I discussed what we disliked about the workout "bottoms" available on the market.  Shorts could be ill-fitting and lead to chafing; pants were too heavy for hot weather; and skirts weren't always made to be flattering to all sizes. Very few options had pockets to store keys, cash and a cell phone, which made the requisite "post-training breakfast" a tad more difficult.   

Eight years, thousands of miles, and even more running 'bottoms' bought, we realized this was an opportunity to create performance apparel to fit everyone’s needs; items that could easily transition from exercise to everyday life.  And JWalking Designs was born.

JWalking Designs aims to reach the person who wants to get out and get active: moms (and dads, too!) looking for "me time"; multi-taskers who want to get one piece of clothing that works well walking in the park and in the grocery store. Whether you're beginning your fitness journey or well on your way, we want to break down the barriers to getting out and getting active - and have all feeling good and looking great while doing so.

Happy JWalking!

Alison OBrien

CEO / Co-Founder, JWalking Designs