Every Second Counts December 30 2015

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.  Sounds like a lot, but between work, life, commute and commitments, they tick away all too quickly, and fitness can get pushed to the side.  Let’s make every second count.  Here are a few ways I’ve found to fit fitness into the day.

  • Do Standing Leg Lifts while brushing your teeth
  • Get in a few Jumping Jacks, March in Place or Dance while waiting for the microwave to beep
  • Take a TV commercial break to do Squats, Push-Ups or Planks
  • Talking on the phone while doing a Wall Sit
  • Park farther away from the office door or stores to add in Walking
  • Carry your groceries rather than pushing them in a cart for some Strength Training
The dog may give me a few odd looks, but the seconds spent exercising are seconds well-spent.