Biking Benefits May 18 2015

A "Cure" for Aging?

I came across an article about pharmaceutical companies that are working on formulas for an "anti-aging" pill...  The next magazine I read said cycling for 30 minutes three times a week can take years off your appearance... I, for one, am loving the latter! 

Biking's benefits:

* According to a study at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada), biking thickens our skin's inner layer and smoothes our outer layer. That results in a more youthful appearance! 

* Cycling revs up your cardiovascular system, helps preserve cartilage and is more gentle on your joints than running or jogging.  

* Riding a bike can shrink your waistline AND fatten your wallet at the same time! For neighborhood trips, save on gas, tolls and wear-and-tear on your car by switching from four wheels to two!