Priorities July 29 2016

Priority #1...849

I am a task-oriented, to-do list driven person - this is hardly a secret.  I have lists on the notepad by my house phone; in the notes app in my iPhone; on sticky notes taped to my desk phone - and I know I'm not alone. 

I obsessively list everything - from social media posting and email follow-ups to documentary-writing deadlines and household have-to's.  I have been accused of writing some items down - like "make to-do list" - just to be able to cross them off.  Guilty as charged, because true satisfaction is found as these "to-do's" become "have-done's" and are eliminated one-by-one. 

I make a list for every day, updating them constantly and, at the start, each item is given equal weight of importance. Yet, several similar tasks always seem to slip farther and farther down, until they fall into the abyss known as "another day".  

Those pushed to the side are too-often 'me' related: much-needed visits to the gym, much-anticipated visits with friends, and much-delayed haircuts.  In a world where I have trouble going to sleep when the dishwasher is not emptied and my mail not opened/sorted/organized, I am seemingly 'okay' with letting my own self slide. 

When did we stop making ourselves not only a priority, but one at the top of our lists?  Did we ever consider our own needs as being as important, if not more, than the needs of others?  Shouldn't we?

I know that answer should be a resounding "YES", but I'm asking because I really do not know how to both make it happen and make it all-right in my mind.

Thoughts?  I'd love to hear yours.