Lessons Learned November 30 2014

2014 has truly been a tremendous year, and I can definitely declare I have learned a lot.  Many of the 'life lessons' learned relate well to a recent 26.2 mile journey my friend Kandi and I made, better known as The 2014 New York City Marathon.  Here are our milestones; hopefully you'll learn from our sometimes trying triumphs.   

Welcome to Taper Town! November 07 2014

WOO! You've spent many months training and your event is just weeks away! Let me officially welcome you to "Taper Town" - a critical time in your training in which you cut your miles down to a minimum.  Why?  Because, even though it seems counter-intuitive, allowing your body to rest can help you gain speed, strength and stamina for your race. I'm not saying sitting still is easy, but here are a few tips to make your taper time a success.