HappyBirthdayJWalkingDesigns July 14 2015 4 Comments

Today – July 15th – JWalking Designs celebrates another year!  WOO! 

I clearly remember the moment that JWalkingDesigns.com came to life.  It was July 15, 2013.  I was driving into New York City for dinner and I got a call from the original web designer saying the site was ready to launch.

I pulled off the road, into a gas station parking lot, and said, “Let ‘er rip!”  Then I waited for what seemed like hours until Kathleen said, “It’s up and running!” Then she laughed because she had inadvertently used the word “running” for a brand new company that made a running skirt.

That night, I think I showed the website to every person possible – I handed my iPhone to the restaurant wait staff, the parking garage attendant and a few passers-by heading to the restroom.  I was in complete awe that a complete stranger, surfing the Internet from anywhere in the world, could come across what had been purely an idea just a few years before.  How amazing is that?!

The months leading up to that night were life-changing – in ways both harrowing and happenstance.  I was a producer on a network news television show that was ending, as was my contract.  And in April, I was nearing the end of the Boston Marathon when the bombings occurred.  I realized that time is never guaranteed and if I wanted to make JWalking Designs a reality, it had to be soon.

Since that night, JWalking Designs has grown – from an inventory of one Little Black Running / Active Skirt to creating unique Running Kilts for Men and Women, and Button-Down Hawaiian Golf / Running Shirts.  I have grown too – from a television producer who built a successful career telling everyone else’s stories to sharing my own.   

I am thankful for all of you who have found value in our brand, quality in our product and comfort in our personal customer service.  I look very forward to continuing these relationships in the years to come, and am excited to see what the future has to offer.

Thank you.

Alison - CEO / Co-Founder, JWalking Designs