Earth Friendly Fabric April 21 2015

What do plastic water bottles have to do with running kilts, skirts and shirts?  Would you be surprised to learn the answer is: “Everything”?

Our JWalking Designs’ running / walking pocketed, patterned and plaid kilts, skirts and shirts are made from recycled plastic water bottles!  That makes them not only funky, functional and fashionable, but also earth-friendly – they feel as good as they look!
So, how does this happen?
The bottles are washed, crushed and chopped into tiny pieces.  Those tiny pieces are melted and then spun into fibers no bigger than a single strand of hair.  The fibers are then woven back together to create fabric.  These fabrics are used to make anything from outdoor carpets, yarn for knitting, and our JWalking Designs’ active apparel.   
How did we choose our earth-friendly fabric?
Before our CEO, Alison OBrien, co-founded JWalking Designs, she produced television documentaries and long-format news stories for networks such as CNBC and NBC News.  In 2010, her project was the CNBC Original, "Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage”, in which she walked the Hawaiian beaches with Captain Charles Moore, the man who discovered floating garbage patches in the Earth’s major oceans.  They watched as plastic washed ashore – including bottles that had worked its way from land through sea and back to land.

She also featured Foss Manufacturing, a New Hampshire company that turned plastic water bottles into fibers for fabric and fashion.  Foss’ manager said that while business was busy, too few plastic bottles were recycled and too many ended up in landfills and in our waters.  That experience came to mind when searching for a comfort and conscientious fabric to launch the line.
Why is this important to us?
Being “Green” is not a tag line, it is a conscious choice.  We care – about our customers, about our country, about our planet, and aim to be responsible citizens.  Yes, being eco-friendly raises our sourcing and manufacturing costs, but we feel it is well worth it.