Healthy Eating Recipes

Sweet Potatoes October 31 2016

One of the side dishes my mom requests I make for Thanksgiving is Sweet Potatoes.  While I believe she initially meant the "canned and covered in marshmallow with syrup" kind, she has fast become a fan of healthier versions.  Here are two easy, healthy recipes to make this fiber-filled, nutrient-packed root vegetable a crowd pleaser.  

Grilled Salad January 19 2016

Nutrition-wise with chocolates and champagne as its mascots, Valentine’s Day is cited as the second least-healthy holiday on the calendar.  Here’s a heart healthy recipe that will have your loved ones swooning – Grilled Hearts of Romaine with a Honey based dressing.

Healthy Recipe Green Beans October 29 2015

Looking for a flavorful, and fun to make, vegetable dish for Thanksgiving?  My mom and I made the Fresh Green Beans with Mustard Seeds and Cashews a few years back and enjoyed every minute.  Learn our recipe and of our kitchen adventure.

No Mayo Tangy Tasty Potato Salad July 28 2015

Potato Salad is a staple at summer parties, but the usual mayonnaise-base does not sit well in the summer sun.  Here is a No-Mayo, Tangy and Tasty Potato Salad that is best served warm - heart-healthy and nutrient-packed!

Healthy Recipes - Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus March 19 2015

It's a savory, springtime side dish that packs a punch of much-needed nutrients, anti-aging advantages and flavorsome fiber!  Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus - tasty goodness in a pretty package! 

Healthy Recipes - Sweet Peas and Bacon January 14 2015

In celebration of Cupid, here's a treat that's sweet and highlights one of my great loves - bacon!  Our Sweet Pea and Bacon recipe was handed down by one of my favorite people - Grandma Fran - who would have turned 70-years-young this month.  She cooked everything with love.