Healthy Eating Recipes

vegan pudding February 28 2017 4 Comments

My husband loves ice cream… and I am allergic to dairy.  Jealous of his snacks, I am always looking for a creamy, sweet treat that mimics the look of the ice cream I wish I could share.  While on vacation in January, I finally found one – a dairy-free vanilla and cinnamon pudding that made Chris’ mouth water!

healthy recipe swaps March 27 2016

April 1st is known as “All Fool’s Day”, a celebration of falsehood-fueled fun.  But what’s no joke - healthy ingredient swaps that will trick your taste buds into thinking there are more calories, fats and sugars that there really are in your favorite recipes.

peanut butter cookies February 24 2016

March 1st is “National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day”!   For me, that’s every day…  In celebration, here is a five-ingredient, easy peasy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe that you’ll go nuts for!

Healthy Halloween Treat September 23 2015

Love Halloween, but not the month-long sugar high that comes with the candy? Here's a kid-friendly, fun treat whose taste will trick you into believing it is more decadent than it is! 

Grilled Fruit June 23 2015

When I was little, we once visited my father’s cousin Bob in Maine. That night, he grilled everything - from burgers and chicken for dinner, to fruit for dessert!  I didn’t appreciate his inventiveness then, but I do now.  Here’s to you, Bob – grilled pineapple and grilled strawberries.

Healthy Recipes - Cranberry Apple Pie November 15 2014

It's the holiday season!  For me, that means great food with great friends and family. I like to bring something to the table, and one of my go-to treats is a Cranberry-Apple Pie - easy to make and delicious to eat!  The pie contains no dairy and very little fat - so feel free to snack on a second slice! I always do!

Healthy Recipes - Avocado French Fries November 07 2014

Okay, 'fess up. We all have those "can't-resist-no-matter-how-hard-we-try foods". For me, it's french fries and avocado - alone or paired, they are downright delicious! Luckily, I found a healthy and relatively easy recipe that combines both!

Healthy Recipes - Mini Apple Pies November 07 2014

My favorite food to eat right after crossing the finish is fresh fruit. For me, nothing beats the refreshing post-race taste of a plum or apple. Later on, when I'm in what I call my 'replenishment mode' (read: eating everything in sight), I crave heartier, but still healthier, dishes.  Here's a favorite recipe of mine: mini-apple pies, with good fats and great taste!