Healthy Recipes - Fish Friday February 13 2015

For my family, 'tis the season for Lent and “Fish Fridays”.  Growing up, the quickest option was the 25-minute round-trip ride to McDonald's for a fried Filet-O-Fish. Now, I've found an equally expedient, and unequivocally tasty, healthy fish dish to make at home!  

What You'll Need

* 4 Tilapia filets (I prefer this light, white fish because it is low in fat, mild in flavor and, truth be told, often on sale!)

* 1 fresh Lime

* Butter (due to my dairy-allergy, I use a vegan butter option)

* Salt and Pepper

What You'll Do

* Preheat oven to 325 degrees

* Cut the lime in half

* Rinse each fish filet and pat dry

 * In a glass baking pan, put a thin slice of butter in each space where a fish filet will be placed (usually fit 4 filets per Pyrex)

* Squeeze half the lime to the bottom of the baking pan

* Place each fish filet atop each butter/lime combination

* Place a second thin butter slice and squeeze the second half of the lime on top of each filet

* Add salt and pepper and pop in the oven

* Baking time takes approximately 14 minutes or until the fish flakes when poked with a fork

* Enjoy!