Why JWalk, you ask?

OUR FIT: Our women's active skirts, with sewn-in shorts, are wider across the front and longer in the back, which flatter women of all shapes and sizes.   Made in the USA from 84% recycled fabric and 16% spandex, our fitness wear is lightweight, breathable and comfortable in both hot and cold temps! 

OUR FUNCTION: Our secure pockets - three in our women's active skirts and one in our men's kilt - allow you to carry everything from cash and keys, to phone and food.   If you need it on a race, it has its place.

OUR FASHION: Who here wants to look sleek and stylish everywhere from the gym to the grocery store?   Um, we all do!!! Our men's running kilt, button-down, collared running shirt, and women's active skirts, are great from workout to go out.   And trust us, you'll stand out!

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Why Choose Us?

With purchasing power like never before, today’s women demand fit, functional and fashionable workout wear beyond the frumpy fitness fashions of former years.  As a company created and corralled by constantly-running women, we understand that if we women don’t feel good – or feel we look good – in our workout clothes, that insecurity can become just another barrier to getting out and getting active.

And men, we didn't forget you!  We aim to make men's running apparel - like our lightweight kilt and button-down running shirt - that is unique to the market.

We want people of all shapes and sizes to have the self-confidence to get out and get active.  And that is the mission of JWalking Designs.

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